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  • By Linda Osberg-Braun May, 7th 2018

    The U.S. Supreme Court recently recognized the deportation process as a grave and drastic measure often amounting to lifelong banishment and exile. While immigration law has been likened to the tax code in complexity, it still falls under the civil, not criminal, code despite its consequence on life and liberty. Recent trends reveal deportation actions are not just originating from… Read Complete Article...

  • By By Christian Garcia Jul, 7st 2016

    Through various actions and enactments, Fidel Castro expropriated the private property of U.S. citizens without compensation. In a lawsuit against Cuba for the expropriation of property, how does one overcome sovereign immunity? This article discusses some of the difficulties in overcoming sovereign immunity in a suit to recover from the Cuban government for the expropriation of private property. Traditionally, the… Read Complete Article...

Steve Cohen

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Steve Cohen:

1111 Brickell Ave.30th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: 305.808.2216
Steve Cohen is the Executive Vice President of IBERIABANK In his role at IBERIABANK, Cohen is responsible for the team that generates new commercial real estate loans and maintains banking relationships with commercial real estate investors and developers. Cohen joined…
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