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  • By Colin Roopnarine Dec, 7th 2017

    FLORIDA’S CANNABIS LAW - A BRIEF HISTORY By Colin M. Roopnarine Any discussion on marijuana, medicinal or otherwise, begins with the federal government’s classification that marijuana is a Schedule I substance. This means that the Government through the Controlled Substances Act defines marijuana as follows: 1) a drug with no currently accepted medical use; 2) has the highest potential for… Read Complete Article...

  • By Stanley I. Foodman Aug, 7th 2018

    If you are considering doing business in a foreign country, take a careful look to be sure that you are not violating U.S. or international sanctions. Making a mistake could have serious financial repercussions for your company. While U.S. sanctions against countries like Russia, North Korea and Iran have made headlines this year, all of us should be sure that… Read Complete Article...

Matthew P. Leto

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Matthew P. Leto:

Hall Lamb, Hall & Leto, P.A.
2665 S. Bayshore Dr. PH 1
Miami, FL 33133
Phone: 305.374.5030
Matthew P. Leto is a commercial litigator who handles business, real estate, personal injury and appellate cases. He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance at the University of Central Florida and a law degree at the University of Miami. He…
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