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Growing Our Flagship

When brainstorming for our 10th Anniversary edition three years ago, we decided to expand the content of our annual edition by featuring some of the most Distinguished Attorneys on our Top Lawyers list. We felt that our readers would enjoy reading about these professionals who were highly regarded in the legal profession, deeply involved in our community and masters in their practice areas.

We spent a great deal of time selecting our first group of 10 Distinguished Attorneys from among a very large number of recommendations. During the review process, we realized, not very surprisingly, that South Florida has a very talented and passionate group of lawyers who stand out among their peers, and are widely recognized for bringing honor and respect to the profession.

The response to this new feature was very positive from all our readers, and we decided to make this an annual tradition. Now, with this 2012 edition, we are welcoming our third group of Distinguished Attorneys, and invite you to read their stories. This new group of lawyers joins the previous 17 exceptional attorneys who exemplify the diversity and richness of our South Florida community. Their profiles provide an excellent reminder about the true ideals of our country, demonstrating that hard work, determination and passion can result in success, regardless of one’s background, upbringing or personal challenges.  

Each of our 24 Distinguished Attorneys to date has been able to build a successful career and give something back to the communities that have been pivotal in supporting their accomplishments. I myself have enjoyed reading about how some of these attorneys came from humble beginnings, how some chose a career in the field of law because of a particular incident, and how some have come to South Florida to work on a certain case and have ended up making a permanent home in our region.

Along with our Distinguished Attorneys, this issue of South Florida Legal Guide includes a new feature on five prominent and successful law firms. I hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as I did, as we launch another ongoing feature for our magazine.

I leave the best for last as we thank our generous supporters, many of which have been with us since day one more than 12 years ago. Without your backing, trust and encouragement, we would not be in our readers’ hands today.  Our best wishes to all of you for another great year!

Jacob Safdeye
Publisher & CEO

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