March 2, 2024

Top Rated Stockbroker & Investment Fraud Lawyers in Atlantic Beach

Nassau County, including towns like Atlantic Beach, has a high median income and is vulnerable to securities fraud schemes. When it comes to protecting your investments and recovering losses due to investment fraud, you need trusted legal representation by your side.

At Malecki Law, we have a team of experienced securities fraud attorneys ready to fight for your rights. Our firm has a proven track record of helping residents in Nassau County recover their investment losses. Whether you have fallen victim to unsuitable investments, unauthorized trading, elder or affinity fraud, or any other type of investment fraud, we are here to help.

Investment fraud cases in the area have included notable individuals such as Steven Pagartanis, Paul Sullivan, Peter Dawson, and even high-profile SEC cases against PermaPave executives. Our attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to handle even the most complex securities fraud cases.

Don’t let investment fraud ruin your financial future. Contact Malecki Law today and let us fight for the justice you deserve.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vulnerable to securities fraud schemes, residents in Nassau County, including Atlantic Beach, need trusted legal representation.
  • Malecki Law has a proven track record of recovering investment losses for clients in the area.
  • Notable investment fraud cases in Nassau County include Steven Pagartanis, Paul Sullivan, and Peter Dawson.
  • Securities fraud attorneys at Malecki Law are experienced in handling various types of investment fraud cases.
  • Contact Malecki Law today to protect your investments and seek justice against investment fraud.

Securities Fraud in Nassau County

Nassau County in Long Island, specifically towns like Atlantic Beach, has seen its fair share of securities fraud cases. These cases involve fraudulent schemes that target investors in the area. Some notable cases include Steven Pagartanis, who schemed investors out of millions of dollars, and Paul Sullivan, who executed unauthorized trades and defrauded his friends and community members. These cases highlight the importance of seeking legal representation to recover investment losses in Nassau County.

Nassau County, situated in Long Island, is no stranger to securities fraud. Investors residing in towns such as Atlantic Beach have fallen victim to fraudulent schemes that have resulted in devastating investment losses. One such case involves Steven Pagartanis, a convicted fraudster who defrauded investors out of millions of dollars through a Ponzi scheme. Similarly, Paul Sullivan carried out unauthorized trades and deceived his acquaintances and community members, causing significant financial harm.

These cases underscore the necessity of securing experienced legal representation to recover investment losses in Nassau County. Victims of securities fraud must act swiftly to protect their rights and pursue remedies through litigation or arbitration. A securities fraud lawyer can provide essential guidance and strategic advocacy, helping investors navigate the complex legal landscape and seek fair compensation for their losses.

David Lerner Associates and Proprietary Products

David Lerner Associates is a securities broker-dealer that has faced numerous claims and sanctions. They have been accused of unfair practices related to the sale of non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) and charging excessive markups on municipal bonds and collateralized mortgage obligations.

Some of their proprietary products include the Apple REITs, Spirit of America funds, and non-traded oil and gas investments. These products have been at the center of investor claims against David Lerner Associates.

If you have suffered losses due to these proprietary products, you may have grounds for investor claims against David Lerner Associates. Seeking legal guidance and representation is crucial in navigating the complexities of such cases and potentially recovering your losses.

Scott L. Silver and Investor Representation

As a managing partner of Silver Law Group, I am dedicated to representing investors worldwide in their pursuit of recovering investment losses. With years of experience in securities arbitration and litigation, my focus lies in advocating for individual investors and institutions, helping them file claims against brokerage firms, investment advisors, and hedge funds. Throughout my career, I have successfully recovered millions of dollars for my clients and have established myself as a trusted authority on securities and investment fraud matters.

When it comes to securities arbitration, I understand the complexities involved and the importance of navigating the legal process effectively. By providing personalized guidance and utilizing my expertise, I aim to secure the best possible outcomes for my clients.

Investment losses can have a significant impact on individuals and organizations. That’s why I am committed to fighting for the rights of investors who have fallen victim to fraudulent practices or misconduct. Whether it’s a case of unsuitable investments, unauthorized trading, or other forms of securities fraud, I work tirelessly to uncover the truth and secure compensation for those who have suffered financial harm.

Securities Fraud Cases and Recoveries

Throughout my career, I have worked on various securities fraud cases, ranging from Ponzi schemes to cases involving bankruptcy and SEC receiverships. These cases shed light on the pervasive nature of securities fraud and the devastating impact it can have on investors.

One notable case I have been involved in is SEC v. Natural Diamonds Investment Co., where I successfully helped victims recover their investments. This case exposed a fraudulent scheme that promised high returns from diamond investments, ultimately defrauding innocent investors.

Another significant case I worked on is Jinyao Liu v. Project Investors, where I represented victims who fell victim to a Ponzi scheme. The mastermind behind this scheme fraudulently promised substantial returns on their investments, but in reality, was using new investors’ money to pay the returns of earlier investors.

securities fraud

In addition to Ponzi schemes, I have also taken on cases involving bankruptcy and SEC receiverships. For instance, I was involved in the case of In re: Certified, Inc., where I represented investors affected by the company’s bankruptcy. In situations like this, I diligently pursued claims on behalf of the receiverships to recover as much as possible for the victims.

These cases exemplify the importance of seeking legal representation when facing securities fraud. As an experienced advocate for victims of financial fraud, I am dedicated to pursuing justice and helping investors recover their hard-earned money.

Recognition and Credentials

Scott L. Silver has received significant recognition and numerous accolades for his exceptional work in securities litigation. His dedication to advocating for investor rights and maintaining ethical standards in the legal profession has garnered him prestigious awards and legal ratings.

Scott L. Silver was honored as the Most Effective Securities Lawyer by the Daily Business Review, recognizing his outstanding achievements in the field of securities litigation. This award further highlights his expertise and success in representing clients in complex securities fraud cases.

Florida Trend magazine has acknowledged Scott L. Silver’s legal prowess by including him in their esteemed Legal Elite list. This recognition further solidifies his reputation as a top-rated lawyer who consistently delivers exceptional results for his clients.

Additionally, Martindale-Hubbell has granted Scott L. Silver an AV Preeminent rating, the highest possible rating for legal ability and ethical standards. This rating reaffirms his commitment to providing superior legal representation and his standing as a highly respected securities litigation attorney.

Scott L. Silver is also an esteemed member of the American Association for Justice (AAJ), a prestigious organization dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and ensuring justice in the legal system. He co-chairs the Securities and Investment Fraud group within the AAJ, demonstrating his expertise and leadership in this specific area of law.

To further emphasize his commitment to excellence and dedication to his clients, Scott L. Silver continues to receive accolades and maintain an impeccable reputation in the legal community. His recognition and credentials speak to his proficiency in securities litigation and his unwavering determination to protect the rights of investors.

Expertise in Arbitration and Litigation

When it comes to securities arbitration and litigation, you need a seasoned professional who can effectively navigate the complex legal landscape. That’s where I come in. With years of experience representing clients in proceedings before FINRA, NFA, and AAA, I have the knowledge and skillset to guide you through the process and fight for your rights.

My track record speaks for itself. I have successfully recovered millions of dollars for aggrieved investors through arbitration and court cases. Whether you are dealing with securities fraud, unsuitable investments, or other investor claims, I have the expertise to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

But my reach doesn’t stop at the borders of the United States. I have represented investors from around the world, providing them with the same level of dedication and commitment that I bring to each and every case. No matter where you are, I am here to be your advocate.

Securities arbitration and litigation can be daunting, but you don’t have to face it alone. With my skills, resources, and unwavering determination, I will fight tirelessly to recover your investment losses and protect your rights as an investor.

See for yourself why so many clients have put their trust in me. Contact me today to schedule a consultation and let’s discuss how I can help you with your securities arbitration and litigation needs.

securities arbitration and litigation

Going the extra mile for my clients

Client satisfaction is my top priority. I am committed to providing personalized and attentive service to each and every client. When you choose me as your attorney, you can expect:

  • Thorough analysis of your case and tailored legal strategies
  • Clear and open communication throughout the process
  • Timely updates on the progress of your case
  • Aggressive representation both inside and outside the courtroom
  • Compassionate support and guidance in the face of financial losses

Don’t let investment losses go unaddressed. Take the first step towards seeking justice and recovering your losses by reaching out to me today. Together, we can fight to protect your rights and hold those responsible accountable.

Commitment to Investor Education

As a passionate advocate for investor education, I, Scott L. Silver, believe that knowledge is a powerful tool in protecting oneself from securities fraud. That’s why I make it a priority to share my insights and expertise on securities and investment fraud matters.

As a frequent lecturer, I actively engage with law schools, industry conferences, and investor rights groups. I provide valuable information and practical guidance on investor protection and fraud prevention. Through these speaking engagements, I strive to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and resources to make informed investment decisions.

In addition to my speaking engagements, I am also an author on these topics, contributing to various publications. My articles delve into the complexities of securities fraud and offer actionable insights for investors. By sharing my expertise through the written word, I aim to reach a broader audience and extend the reach of investor education.

I firmly believe that education is a vital component of safeguarding oneself against fraudulent activities. By staying informed and aware, investors can make better choices and protect their hard-earned assets. Through my commitment to investor education, I hope to empower individuals to navigate the intricacies of the financial world and prevent falling victim to securities fraud.

National Reach and Local Presence

Silver Law Group is proud to offer national representation, serving clients across the United States and internationally. With a steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional legal services, our firm caters to the diverse needs of investors worldwide.

Although our headquarters are located in Florida, we recognize the importance of maintaining a strong presence in key financial centers. That’s why we’ve established a New York office to serve clients in the bustling securities industry hub. Our local presence allows us to be readily accessible to clients in the New York area, providing personalized representation and a deep understanding of the regional nuances.

By combining a national reach with a local touch, Silver Law Group is uniquely positioned to handle securities industry cases effectively. Whether you’re dealing with investment fraud, broker misconduct, or other legal matters, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.


Investment fraud is a serious and detrimental issue that can leave victims in financial ruin. It is imperative for investors who have suffered losses due to fraudulent schemes or misconduct by brokers or financial advisors to seek legal representation.

Experienced securities fraud lawyers, such as those at Malecki Law, David Lerner Associates, and Silver Law Group, can provide the necessary guidance and support to help investors pursue their claims and potentially recover their losses. With their expertise and knowledge of investor protection laws, these legal professionals can navigate the complexities of the legal system on behalf of their clients.

Protecting your investments should be a top priority. By taking decisive action and entrusting your case to reputable securities fraud lawyers, you can seek justice and hold fraudulent individuals accountable. Legal representation ensures that your rights as an investor are protected, and that you have the best chance of recovering your financial losses.


What is securities fraud?

Securities fraud refers to deceptive and unlawful practices in the financial markets that manipulate investors and result in financial losses. It involves false information, misleading statements, or omissions of material facts that influence investment decisions.

How can I recover my investment losses from securities fraud?

To recover investment losses from securities fraud, it is crucial to seek legal representation from experienced securities fraud lawyers. They can guide you through the process of filing claims and pursuing legal action against the responsible parties to potentially recover your losses.

What types of securities fraud cases do Malecki Law handle?

Malecki Law has experience in handling various securities fraud cases, including but not limited to unsuitability claims, unauthorized trading, elder/affinity fraud, Ponzi schemes, and more. Their attorneys specialize in advocating for investors who have suffered financial losses due to fraudulent practices in the securities industry.

How can I pursue a claim against David Lerner Associates?

If you have suffered financial losses due to investments in David Lerner Associates’ proprietary products, such as non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs) or oil and gas investments, you may have grounds for a claim. Consult with securities fraud lawyers to evaluate your case and determine the best course of action to pursue a claim against David Lerner Associates.

What types of investor claims can be filed against David Lerner Associates?

Investor claims against David Lerner Associates can include allegations of unfair practices regarding the sale of non-traded REITs, excessive markups on municipal bonds and collateralized mortgage obligations, misrepresentation of investment risks, and failure to adequately disclose material information.

How can Scott L. Silver help me recover my investment losses?

Scott L. Silver, a seasoned securities fraud attorney, specializes in representing individual investors and institutions in claims against brokerage firms, investment advisors, and hedge funds. With his expertise in securities arbitration and litigation, he can guide you through the process of seeking compensation for your investment losses.

What types of securities fraud cases has Scott L. Silver worked on?

Scott L. Silver has worked on a wide range of securities fraud cases, including Ponzi schemes, cases involving bankruptcy or SEC receiverships, and disputes related to investment losses. He has a proven track record of assisting victims in recovering their investments and pursuing claims on behalf of receiverships.

What accolades has Scott L. Silver received in the field of securities litigation?

Scott L. Silver has been recognized as the Most Effective Securities Lawyer by the Daily Business Review and named to Florida Trend magazine’s Legal Elite list. He has also received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell and is a member of the American Association for Justice (AAJ), where he co-chairs the Securities and Investment Fraud group.

What types of investor cases does Silver Law Group handle?

Silver Law Group represents investors worldwide in recovering their investment losses. They handle cases involving securities fraud, Ponzi schemes, unauthorized trading, unsuitability claims, and other forms of investment misconduct. Their attorneys have extensive experience in securities arbitration and litigation.

How can Silver Law Group assist clients with international claims?

Silver Law Group has experience representing international clients in securities arbitration and litigation. They understand the complexities of international investor claims and have the resources and expertise to effectively advocate for clients worldwide.

How can I protect myself from investment fraud?

To protect yourself from investment fraud, it is important to educate yourself about common fraud schemes, perform thorough research before making investment decisions, and work with trusted financial advisors. Stay vigilant and be cautious of any promises of high returns or pressure to make quick investment decisions.