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Shaping Our State’s Future
Dramatic changes have occurred in Florida’s business climate since the inaugural edition of South Florida Legal Guide fifteen years ago. For example, our state has attracted world-class life sciences research institutions, and strengthened our public and private colleges and universities. Financial services and information technology (IT) are two more flourishing industry clusters that are diversifying our economy beyond the traditional sectors of agriculture, tourism and retirement services.
South Florida’s attorneys, accountants, bankers and other professionals have played a leading role in this remarkable transformation, and they will continue to shape the future of our state.
In this issue, you can read about the tangible and intangible contributions of seven of our most Distinguished Attorneys and four of our Prominent Law Firms. It is hard to envision what our region would look like today without their collective achievements. 
At the same time, our Top Attorneys, Top Law Firms, Top Up-and-Comers and Top Financial Support Professionals are also coaches, mentors, teachers and volunteers who recognize the importance of preparing a new generation of civic leaders. They know protecting and preserving our judicial system — which has provided the foundation for our nation’s prosperity for more than two centuries — is the responsibility of every American.
Along with our profiles, this 15th Anniversary Issue features our annual lists of Top Lawyers, Top Law Firms, Top Up & Comers and Top Financial Support Professionals. This issue also contains a wide range of Professional Forum articles on timely and important issues that have been written by leading professionals on various aspects of law, finance and business. In addition, you can read in-depth Profiles of a select group of our top professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of service to their clients. 
As the long-time editor of South Florida Legal Guide, I would like to personally thank the countless professionals who dedicate themselves each day to serving our community, our state and our nation. Your personal and professional contributions do make a difference!
Richard Westlund
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