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Providing Valuable Information for Our Readers

One of the most satisfying aspects of serving as editor of South Florida Legal Guide is the ability to provide valuable information to our readers: attorneys, accountants, banking and wealth management professionals. This new issue of our Financial Edition continues that tradition.

Since virtually all types of legal matters — from transactions to litigation, from family law to estate planning — involve finances, there is plenty of ground to cover. For this issue, we have chosen to focus on two of the biggest issues facing our region: the impact of healthcare reform and the ongoing flood of banking-related litigation. We hope that the insights from leading professionals will provide you with fresh perspectives on these two very timely topics.

With this issue, we are also looking at how managing partners of several Top Law Firms are preparing for the future. After the past four years of economic and financial turmoil, it appears that our region is slowly getting back to normal in terms of business activity — even though the recovery has been slower than expected. This special feature will look at some of the ways, law firms are drawing on their financial and their human capital to take advantage of opportunities in today’s marketplace.

Our Financial Edition also includes a feature on an important career-building initiative for minority law students, and profiles of several of South Florida’s leading financial professionals, who can help attorneys and other professionals achieve their personal goals.

To round out this issue, several guest columnists contributed their thoughts on financially related topics, including the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), securities fraud, choosing a fiduciary, intellectual property assets, trade secrets, trust and estate planning, and protecting maritime businesses.

We hope you find the information in this Financial Edition to be helpful in thinking about the future and making strategic decisions. As our readers understand, all South Florida Legal Guide’s publications serve the legal and business community, rather than a general consumer audience. Our goal is to be a valued resource for our growing tri-county audience. We thank our contributors, advertisers and our readers for your ongoing support.

Richard Westlund

South Florida Legal Guide 2012 Financial Edition

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