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A Look at Government and Business

Best friends, fierce enemies or partners in serving society?

It will come to no surprise to our readers that government laws, ordinances, rules and regulations shape the playing field for private enterprise in the United States.   

A law like Florida’s “Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act of 2014” can open the door to new business opportunities. On the other hand, government regulations can add to the costs of doing business, and a poorly conceived law can drive companies out of a once-profitable market.

This issue of South Florida Legal Guide’s annual Financial Edition examines some of the challenging issues related to government and business entities, which can be friends, enemies or partners working toward a mutual goal.

One of the main features in this issue looks at the role of government relations attorneys, who guide their clients through the maze of federal, state and local rules and regulations. They also help businesses win contracts from government agencies, increasing their revenue stream, market presence and potential profitability.

Another article looks at the timely issue of defamation claims, where public and private figures may be treated very differently under the law. While politicians are generally “fair game” for critical comments, private figures can become targets of a defamation suit by publishing false and derogatory statements in a text, email or social media post. As one attorney said, “Most people don’t realize the risk of a defamation claim until it happens to them.”

A third feature examines Florida’s evolving medical marijuana landscape, which has gradually solidified under the guidance of the state Department of Health. However, that could change on Election Day, November 8, if voters add a medical marijuana amendment to the state constitution.

Of course, the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential and congressional election in November will also have a major impact on relationship between government and business in the next four years. We encourage our readers to take part in this election and make a well-informed decision in the voting booth.

In the meantime, you can learn more about current challenges and opportunities in the legal, government and business arenas in the Professional Forum of our Financial edition.

As always, our goal is to provide our readers with fresh insights and ideas from experienced attorneys, bankers and accountants. Thank you again for your support!

Richard Westlund
South Florida Legal Guide 2016 Financial Edition

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