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Taking a Different Path
Not every attorney builds a career in corporate law, personal injury litigation or real estate transactions — three popular fields in South Florida. Instead, a small number of lawyers have developed a successful practice within a certain niche.
In our Midyear Edition, you can read about nine experienced lawyers who have taken a different path in life in areas like entertainment, reproductive, education and whistle-blower law. This is your opportunity to learn about some of these lesser-known areas of the law, and the attorneys who have prospered by meeting the distinctive legal needs of their clients.
In this issue, we are also featuring four of our region’s Top Litigation Support firms. Like our Top Lawyers, these professionals are dedicated to delivering exceptional service in fields like forensic accounting, valuations, tax advice, asset tracing, expert witness and other services. Whether helping attorneys “behind the scenes” or in the courtroom, their work plays a key role in determining the outcomes of major cases and transactions. 
Because the business and legal worlds are constantly changing, we have taken a look at how the managing partners at several South Florida law firms are dealing with current market opportunities and challenges. We have also examined the rapidly evolving U.S. relationship with Cuba with an emphasis on the fundamental legal, economic and human rights issues. 
Our Midyear Edition also features our “Class of 2015” of Top Up and Comers who move into our Top Lawyers category. In addition, we hope you enjoy reading the articles written by leading professionals on various aspects of law, finance and business in our Professional Forum, as well as in-depth Profiles of a select group of our top professionals. 
For the past 16 years, South Florida Legal Guide has been dedicated to providing our readers with timely and helpful information in the fields of law, accounting, litigation support, and banking services. Thank you to our contributors, advertisers and sponsors for your continued support!  
Richard Westlund
South Florida Legal Guide Midyear 2015 Edition
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