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Connecting Human and Financial Capital

Success in today’s business world requires the effective application of both human and financial capital. Hiring, motivating and engaging talented people is the key to building a high-performance organization that can stay ahead of the competition and deliver financial rewards to its stakeholders.

In this issue of our Financial Edition, we are taking a close look at those capital connections. We’ve asked several of South Florida Legal Guide’s Top Attorneys to provide their insights into current trends in our feature articles on immigration and labor and employment law. We hope their comments and advice will help our readers – and their clients – make good decisions in regard to these human capital issues.

On the financial advisors side, we have profiled seven South Florida wealth managers and advisors who can help our readers move toward their personal goals. As we all know, success in the law, accounting or even banking does not automatically translate into investment acumen or immediate wealth. A different set of skills is needed to develop an effective strategy for balancing risk and reward opportunities in the complex global financial marketplace.

For this Financial Edition, we also hosted a roundtable of knowledgeable professionals to discuss trends in commercial and residential real estate finance. It’s an issue that can have a deep impact on the profitability of law and accounting firms, as well as their clients considering growth opportunities in our improving economy.
To round out this issue, we have invited several guest columnists to contribute their thoughts on financially related topics, including managing a firm’s cash flow, post-settlement funding, and government freezing of assets.
As our readers understand, our Financial Edition is designed to serve the legal and business community, rather than a general consumer audience. Our goal is to be a valued informational resource for you.

We thank our contributors, advertisers and readers for their continued support of our publications.

Richard Westlund

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