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It’s About Wealth and It’s About Trust
The South Florida Legal Guide’s 2014 Financial Edition is all about WEALTH and all about TRUST.  It showcases how three key professions come together to produce results for their clients, improve their firms’ financial performance and contribute to the greater good of the South Florida community.
When we launched our Financial Edition three years ago, our goal was to stand at the crossroads where our top attorneys and law firms  met with our top CPAs and forensic specialists, as well as leading South Florida bankers and wealth managers. We realized that lawyers who practice in corporate law, international transactions, M&A work, family law, personal injury matters and real estate — to name just a few sectors — rely on CPAs and other experts to “follow the money,” understand a balance sheet, identify financial inconsistencies, and provide key testimony to the court. 
In addition, our top attorneys also rely on bankers and wealth managers to finance their deals, distribute the proceeds, invest the settlement funds or jury awards of their clients. They also need bankers to finance their own firms’ day-to-day operations, working capital and growth plans. 
The Financial Edition seeks to showcase these interactive relationships and how, at the end of the day, the client benefits from the work of a good team of professionals from different disciplines coming together. At the South Florida Legal Guide, we view this a vital important mission for our professional community, and a philosophy that we try to follow every day.
So about Wealth and Trust...
We are focused on creating WEALTH by finding the top legal, accounting and financial professionals in the tri-county region. In our publications, we go well beyond a basic listing, and talk about their services, their clients and their community involvement. This WEALTH of information adds value to those professionals who seek services and referrals from within the three sectors.
As for TRUST, all of us at the South Florida Legal Guide, strive to earn that every day. We build trust by delivering on what we promise. We focus on selling our marketing services and not our listings. We earn it by staying true to our original vision of delivering excellent quality editorial about the excellent professionals in our region.
As we celebrate our 15th anniversary with the publication of our 2015 edition this coming January, we hope that many more of you will join those our longtime supporters. To those who have already signed up, our sincere appreciation. Be assured that we will continue to focus on creating WEALTH and making sure we earn your TRUST.
Jacob Safdeye
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