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  • By By John E. Leighton Jul, 7st 2016

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the three leading causes of death in the United States are heart disease, cancer, and chronic lower respiratory diseases. However, a recent study by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine suggests that there is another culprit, not tracked by the CDC, which surpasses respiratory disease and ranks as the third-leading cause… Read Complete Article...

  • By John E. Leighton Jan, 7th 2017

    Recognizing Traumatic Brain Injury: Not Limited to NFL Players By John Leighton These days we hear a lot about traumatic brain injuries. The coverage of the NFL concussion claims – and the league’s long-standing denials – combined with the acclaimed film “Concussion”, has brought brain injury into everyone’s consciousness (pun intended). But brain injuries don’t just happen to NFL players.… Read Complete Article...

Michael Diaz, Jr.

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Michael Diaz, Jr.:

Diaz, Reus & Targ LLP
100 SE 2nd St. Suite 3400
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: 305.375.9220
Michael Diaz, Jr. is a skilled international litigator, trial lawyer, and arbiter, with over 30 years of experience representing multinational corporations, foreign governments, financial institutions, small businesses, and individuals. As Diaz Reus’ global managing partner, he offers clients a full-service…
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