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  • By Stanley I. Foodman Aug, 7th 2018

    If you are considering doing business in a foreign country, take a careful look to be sure that you are not violating U.S. or international sanctions. Making a mistake could have serious financial repercussions for your company. While U.S. sanctions against countries like Russia, North Korea and Iran have made headlines this year, all of us should be sure that… Read Complete Article...

  • By Andrew C. Hall Jan, 7th 2018

    The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Commercial Litigation Commercial litigation can be a long and expensive legal process for businesses, investors and professional firms.   Many of our clients have asked how the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) might affect the litigation process. Here are my responses to some of the typical questions we receive.Q.  How is AI being used for… Read Complete Article...

Jaime Ortega III

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Jaime Ortega III:

1111 Brickell Ave.30th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: 305.376.2497
Jaime Ortega III is Regional Group Manager, Commercial Banking for IBERIABANK. His expertise and passion for results has been the key to his success within commercial and corporate banking in the South Florida market. Ortega graduated from the Georgia Institute of…
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