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An Update on South Florida’s Law School Programs

South Florida is fortunate to have four of the state’s law schools located in the tri-county metropolitan region.  Collectively, the schools graduate a steady stream of well-trained legal professionals ready to contribute to the region’s professional workforce in the public and private sectors.  

Convenient accessibility to a legal education is also important for South Florida students from diverse backgrounds who may be managing family and employment responsibilities while pursuing their career goals.  Understanding the legal perspective can also be a benefit to entrepreneurs, investors, accountants, bankers and other financial professionals who can apply that training to their own practices.

While South Florida’s law schools continue to focus on developing well-honed legal skills, their programs have grown and changed to address the evolving issues of the regional, national and international legal community. Today, all four law schools are deeply engaged with the challenging issues of today, including professional diversity and legal services for low-income individuals and families. As Patricia White, dean of the University of Miami School of Law, says, “The law school of today is not your father’s law school …”

To help South Florida’s legal, litigation support and banking professionals stay in touch with the region’s legal education programs, South Florida Legal Guide is presenting the following contributions from the deans of the region’s four law schools: Florida International University, Nova Southeastern University, St. Thomas University and the University of Miami. We invite you to read what they have to say about how their programs are meeting the continuing demand for a high quality legal education in South Florida.

Please follow the links to read about each law school's program.


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