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Something Special About South Florida

When reading about the top attorneys, CPAs and financial professionals we have featured over the past several years, it is quite apparent that many of our best people are not native South Floridians. Some have come down here from the other parts of the country or moved north from Latin America. Some professionals come to South Florida for their studies, to marry a spouse with family here, or to handle a particular case. Whatever the reason, South Florida has captivated them. They put down roots and call it home. This is a great gain for all of us in the tri-county region, as we continue to grow and expand our “gene pool” with an impressive number of talented individuals.

The diverse talent in our region is evident not only to those of us that have the good fortune of living in South Florida but to the growing number of large U.S. and international law firms establishing offices and professional relationships here, and selecting, among other things, our region for their international arbitration matters. Our sophisticated multicultural professional workforce is also appealing to the many international banks that have chosen to establish important footholds here to serve the U.S. market.

Reflecting on the other articles in this issue, I am excited to see that we can again say the words “real estate” and talk about zoning, construction and new development. Like the rest of the country, our region has gone through a difficult economic period, and hopefully is now coming out on the other side. With “The Lion King” playing in town, I am reminded that this is an example of “The Circle of Life” and that new activity is coming back to South Florida.

As Matthew Druckman mentions in our e-discovery feature, “Everything is out there someplace.” While he obviously is referring to data and information, let us remember that the same thing could be said for opportunity. Regardless of your field of practice, there are opportunities out there now and for years to come. So, let’s work together and build upon our strong foundation as we continue to attract the best talent, the best professionals and the best people.

Jacob Safdeye
Publisher & CEO

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