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Things Are Looking Up!

After five challenging years, South Florida’s economy is clearly back on the way up. That’s great news for most attorneys, bankers and litigation support professionals, who can turn their attention to growing their practices.
This 2013 Midyear Report reflects that growing optimism about the prospects for the next few years. For example, one of our features focuses on shift in South Florida’s real estate market from litigation to transaction-related services from land use and entitlement to closing multi-million dollar deals.
Another positive sign for the South Florida legal market is the increasing number of national law firms that are opening offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Instead of sitting tight, these firms are positioning themselves for new business opportunities in the local, regional, and international market. Having more “players” in the game increases the level of competition, creating new options for clients seeking high-quality legal services.

A third major feature looks at the fascinating topic of receiverships — an important option for resolving issues related to distressed properties, business disputes and fraudulent schemes. While foreclosures and bankruptcies are likely to continue to decline as the regional economy picks up steam, receiverships may play an even more important role than in the past because of their versatility in addressing problem situations.

Also in this issue, we are featuring six top criminal defense attorneys as part of our ongoing series of articles on outstanding attorneys in various legal disciplines. If trouble comes knocking at your door, there’s no substitute for an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Our Midyear Report includes “Top Lawyers, Class of 2013,” an introduction to the “Up and Comers” who will be moving to our “Top Lawyer” list in our next annual South Florida Legal Guide. This issue also features guest articles and columns by leading South Florida professionals on timely topics and issues facing attorneys, clients and the community.

As our readers understand, South Florida Legal Guide’s publications serve the legal and business community, rather than a general consumer audience. Our goal is to provide interesting, important and informative articles and features that will help our readers in their professional careers.

With our Midyear Report, upcoming Financial Edition, new Spanish-language Revista Abogados and year-end annual edition, we reach a dynamic professional audience that includes attorneys, accountants, forensic experts, bankers, financial service providers and other professionals.

As always, it is a pleasure to thank our contributors, advertisers and readers for your support, as we continue to move forward in serving South Florida’s diverse professional community.

Richard Westlund

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