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The Importance of Philanthropic Planning to Financial, Estate and Tax Professionals

By John Bussel

The generational transfer of wealth over the next 50 years is estimated to be $40 to $130 trillion, making now a perfect time to consider incorporating philanthropy and planned giving in your clients’ financial and estate programs.

As Chair of The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and a financial advisor, I have seen firsthand how philanthropic planning offers benefits for both donors and the charitable agencies that they choose to support. Yet, I am frequently surprised to hear how often it is the clients, not their advisors, who raise the topic of philanthropic giving, a component of estate planning that adds a strong sense of fulfillment and satisfaction to all parties involved. Our donors tell us that their relationships with their advisors are stronger when they are given opportunities to discuss truly meaningful aspects of posthumous charitable support. The planned-giving conversation establishes much stronger and more satisfying relationships with clients, which also extends to their families.

From my own practice and from conversations with members of our Professional Advisors Council, I know that the philanthropic conversation is a beautiful moment when we as advisors have the opportunity to ask our clients what is really important to them. What are their values? What do they want their legacies to be? Once our clients share this very personal and cherished information, we have the chance to demonstrate how we can make those philanthropic dreams a reality through planned giving.

Of course, beyond the added benefits and financial advantages of responsibly planned philanthropy enjoyed by the donor, the community receives increased financial resources through funds distributed to local institutions. In the case of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, these beneficiaries are typically social-service, educational and humanitarian organizations.

Learning more about the planned giving options available through The Foundation provides advisors with new ways to serve clients with an emotionally gratifying service. Whatever your clients’ long-term goals, interests and circumstances may be, there is a planned-giving option available through The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. For decades, hundreds of donors and their financial advisors have entrusted The Foundation to be their partner in the thoughtful planning of Jewish philanthropy and the management of charitable assets.

John Bussel is the Chair of The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

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About the Foundation

For more than four decades, hundreds of individuals and families, including Miami’s most respected philanthropists — and their advisors — have entrusted The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation with the responsibility of stewarding their philanthropy. With more than $200 million in assets under management, The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation is here to help you assist clients in philanthropic planning.

Working closely with legal, accounting, investment, financial and insurance experts, our knowledgeable professionals can answer any questions that you or your clients may have.

The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation supports the Federation Mission through the acquisition, professional management and distribution of capital resources, and promotes creative and meaningful philanthropy through active partnerships with donors and their advisors, as well as through long-standing alliances with agencies, synagogues and other community organizations. Our team can work with you to create a plan that reflects your clients’ Jewish values, matching specific philanthropic objectives with the ongoing work of Federation, the needs of the community today and the anticipated opportunities of tomorrow.

The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation is the place for your clients to create their lasting Jewish legacy.

For more information, contact Daniel Staffenberg at The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation at 787.866.8431 or, or visit
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