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Big Dreams

Many years ago, my brother-in-law was walking down the street in Bogota, Colombia, with his then 7-year-old daughter. At that time, lottery tickets were sold by street vendors. He stopped by one vendor and bought a ticket for that week’s play. His daughter looked at him and asked what that ticket was for. He told her, “This ticket gives me the right to dream for three days.”

On Wednesday, November 28, 2012, I decided to buy a ticket or two from my own local vendor. I had a grand plan all laid out in my mind, and was sure that I would be the sole winner in the $580 million Powerball drawing that night. In other words, I had my own ticket to dream.

The fact that I am writing these words at this moment will tip you off to the fact that, I did not win the Powerball. It was a fun dream, and I’m sure I’ll play the Florida Lottery or Powerball again sometime in the future. But for now, it’s back to work. After all, for all but a very lucky few, it will not be a lotto ticket, but good old hard work that will continue to make dreams come true.

As adults, parents, legal professionals and business executives, we can all do our part to help make dreams come true for our children, our communities and ourselves. We are educators, coaches, mentors and role models, whose daily actions and conduct affect everyone around us. Therefore, we must do our best to guide others in learning how to put values and principles above all else.

There’s a good example of the power of role models in this issue of South Florida Legal Guide. Three of our Distinguished Attorneys this year mentioned that one of their inspirations to pursue a career in the legal field was the “Perry Mason” TV series that ran from the late 1950s to the mid ’60s and other similar programs. Those courtroom scenes fired the imagination, but it took hard work, dedication and a supportive family to help make those childhood dreams come true.

Today, our country needs that same spirit of inspiration and cooperation. We need to dream big dreams again, rather than fall into petty partisan bickering. This is a great country and we must not let it be hijacked by extremists on either end of the spectrum. It is wrong to take a position based on a rigid agenda or party affiliation rather than what is good for our country. Greatness comes from being able to work together, and offer praise for those who succeed and help for those who struggle. Greatness also comes from teaching children and adults that they need to study and work to achieve their goals.

We need to instill that spirit of dedication and commitment to succeed regardless of the obstacles that life throws at us. In other words, we need to rely on ourselves, not a lotto ticket.

So let’s start the New Year by dreaming of ways to make this country better for US, not for ME.

Jacob Safdeye
Publisher & CEO

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