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In his 1961 inaugural address, President Kennedy made one of history’s most stirring comments: “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.”

Those bold words strike a chord with many of the legal, accounting and banking professionals in South Florida – particularly with our Distinguished Attorneys and Prominent Law Firms. In the past five years, we have had an opportunity to highlight 36 incredibly talented and successful professionals as Distinguished Attorneys. We have also turned the spotlight on 15 Prominent Law Firms in the last three years. These highly respected men, women and law firms have shown the qualities of leadership, dedication and hard work to succeed in the legal profession and to influence the community in which we have chosen to live and work.

In looking back on these features, it is amazing how much these professionals “DO” for their country, their state and their local communities. They are leaders in professional organizations like The Florida Bar, Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County Bars, American Bar Association and more, and contribute their time and talent to civic, pro-bono and not-for-profit organizations that benefit the community.

Many of these professionals come from humble backgrounds, and were not brought up with a “golden spoon.” They understood that it takes hard work, dedication and determination to grasp the opportunities in life. After all, no one is assured of success – whether inside the courtroom, negotiating in the boardroom or building a powerful law firm.
Fortunately for our region, there are many more Distinguished Attorneys and Prominent Law firms that we will consider for inclusion in the years to come, as we continue to welcome peer nominations for our annual listings of Top Lawyers, Top Law Firms, Top CPAs and Financial Professionals and Top Up and Comers.

In that regard, each year we notify the top attorneys and CPAs who have been selected for inclusion and ask them to confirm if their contact information will be changing before we go to print. Their email replies are very much appreciated. This year, I also received a response from Toby Prince Brigham in the old-fashioned way of a phone call. While he was very grateful to again be selected as a Top Attorney, he told me that he was working on his last case and would be retiring from the practice. He felt that it would not be fair to other attorneys if he continued to be listed and take away a valuable placement in our publication. That’s a sign of great modesty and fairness, or as they say in Yiddish, “a real Mensch.” It gives me hope for our future knowing that we have professionals like Toby Prince Brigham serving our community.

Jacob Safdeye

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