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Jacob SafdeyeThe Enduring Power of Print

At a recent Legal Marketing Association Corporate Counsel luncheon in Miami, it was refreshing and comforting to hear the panelists discuss the importance and validity of print.

As many of us have undoubtedly experienced, the overload of electronic communications, particularly emails and social media, has gotten to the point of absurdity. Abundant are the stories of hundreds of communications coming at us on a daily basis. Like most of you, I have learned to tune off and ignore the messages or send them to the delete folder.

But let’s face it, these communications might include important or interesting matters for us to consider. If you are the sender, although you might correctly assume that the cost itself to send the email or post to social media is minimal, you run the risk of wasting your marketing budget in the hopes that your message gets noticed and read by the intended audience.

That is where the value of print comes in. Your intended audience is better defined; your message competes with less noise. Every time the recipient of a print edition opens the publication, your message is there. It does not get pushed down as do those on LinkedIn, Tweeter, Facebook etc. In that regard, it’s the opposite of Snapchat, where messages disappear as quickly as they are read.

So be wise about your marketing. New does not always mean better. Ask anyone who’s a fan of classical music, art, theater or the dance. Instead, new should encourage us to analyze what we are doing and try to do things better. We do not adopt things because they are new, we adopt things because they provide the intended result, whichever it might be.

The power of politics?

As we move forward in this election year, here are my thoughts on politics:

1. If we continue spending our time finding who is to blame for the problems that this country currently has instead of dedicating ourselves to finding solutions, we will dig ourselves deeper into the hole and it will be harder to get out.

2. When the only reasons you can find to support one candidate are a listing of the other candidates flaws, then you should reexamine your position. Support for a candidate should be expressed with a list of that person’s accomplishments, performance, track record and values.

3. Only a fool would always vote down party lines. No party is right and no party is wrong all the time.

One last note

A few weeks ago, our good friend Mitchell Fuerst passed away. Mitchell was a good person, an excellent and accomplished lawyer, and a steadfast supporter of the South Florida Legal Guide. He will be missed.

Jacob Safdeye

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