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2014 Professional Services Forum

Millennials’ Continuing Effect on Real Estate Cannot Be Ignored
    By Barry D. Lapides - Berger Singerman LLP

A Closer Look at “Patent Trolls:” GAO Report Illuminates the Rise of Patent Litigation
    By Gregory L. Hillyer - Feldman Gale

Advanced Issues in Damages Calculations: How An Expert Adjusts For Risk
    By Sheri F. Schultz and Katie Gilden - Fiske & Company
A Pot of Gold: If You Want To Know What Happened, Follow The Money
    By Stanley I. Foodman - Foodman CPAs & Advisors

Controversy in the Competitive Bidding Process
    By Alfredo L. Gonzalez - Genovese Joblove & Battista, P.A.

Avoiding Legal Malpractice
    By Andrew C. Hall - Hall, Lamb and Hall, P.A.

No Harm No Foul: Why Proportionality Should Be Considered As Part of the Preservation
    By Corey A. Lee and Douglas C. Dreier - Hunton & Williams, LLP

Why You Are Safer On The Highways Than in A Hospital: Medical Errors Kill (A Lot) More People
    By John Elliott Leighton - Leighton Law, P.A.

The Value of Expert Valuations in Bankruptcy Litigation
    By Tony Argiz and Viresh Dayal - Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Farra, LLC

Fixing Your Collections Woes: Strategic Policies Can Bring Relief
    By Dwight Hill - Sabadell United Bank

Healthcare Exchanges: The High Price of Lowered Costs
    By Matthew T. Wright - Zumpano Patricios Winker

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