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There is Nothing More “Permanent” Than a “Temporary” Solution

When confronted with difficult situations, many times our political leaders put solutions in place without first taking a step back and pragmatically looking into the implications of their actions. The reasons could be because of lack of knowledge, political expediency or just plain laziness.

Several current situations come to mind.

The first is DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). What exactly did the administration think of the implication of “deferring” action? Kick the can down the road? Why not have just a simple “Action for Childhood Arrivals.” Having opted to add “Deferred,” it was foreseeable that the day would come when action had to be taken on the deferral, after years of seeing these children grow up, adapt to this country and feel every bit American.

The second is TPS (Temporary Protected Status). Again, what did the administration think of the implication of “temporary”? How do you move or stay in a country for several years and build a “temporary” life? Did no one ever see that these “protected” individuals would one day have children? That these children would be American citizens? That they would become ingrained into the fabric of this great country?

The process of kicking the can down the road may be politically expedient in the short run. But this leads to the initial situation becoming more complex. It also politicizes the topic as “who is the party who can best serve the affected individuals?”

This is a tragic way of playing with people’s lives. Politicians stand besides crying children seeming to show compassion for their plight, while conveniently forgetting that it was their own inactions that put these children in this situation in the first place.

Politicians know that there is more drama in these types of scenes and they are more interested in the rewards (votes) that in those affected.

Maybe we should put a “temporary” or “deferred” hold on political contributions until politicians change. I don’t know the answer, maybe I am just a “Dreamer.”

By the way, the third item on my list is no term limits for Senate and Congress. If anything, this speaks for itself.

Jacob Safdeye


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