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Who and where are we as a society?                    

If you follow #Metoo or #yotambien on Twitter, it seems there is a new revelation of improper behavior almost every day. After years or decades of holding their secrets, men and women who have been the targets of sexual harassment or assault are speaking out. In response, there seems to be no end to the different excuses: “It was 5, 10 or 20 years ago; I am embarrassed and ashamed; I don’t recall this person; I never had an affair...”

Personally, I am glad these revelations are finally coming to light. But it is essential that there also be consequences for the men (and women) who engage in these reprehensible behaviors. But what bothers me is the fact that many of the abusers are being given as easy pass. This can and should not be tolerated.

Where are we as a society when a sitting President is involved in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a White House intern, lies about it, then admits to lying and lives on to become a political idol? Where are we when a powerful real estate developer brags on camera about touching women inappropriately and then is elected President? And then there are the allegations against powerful men like Weinstein, Moore, Franken, Conyers, Rose… the list just seems to never end. We must do better as a society to bring these behaviors to an end.

Let us not turn a blind eye; let us not condone and let us not accept. Otherwise the Who and Where we are as a society will not be pleasant.

On another note, a few issues ago we ran a very well received feature, “Perspectives on the Business and Legal Impact of Medical Marijuana On South Florida.” Following encouraging feedback and suggestions from several parties, we are introducing a series of monthly articles that will help interested parties learn and navigate the different laws and regulations that affect this new industry. We are collaborating on this important topic with attorney Colin Roopnarine, a partner on Berger Singerman’s government and regulatory team who focuses his practice on administrative law and is very well learned on the subject. Our purpose, as always, is to bring to our readers the best professionals who can provide their insights and practical suggestions on timely subjects.

Jacob Safdeye


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