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  • By Stanley I. Foodman Dec, 7th 2017

    Are you receiving income from the “Sharing Economy”? You might owe taxes and penalties! By Stanley I. Foodman Individuals and groups utilizing technology to engage in transactions for generating sources of revenue from assets they own (homes or cars) - or services they provide - are part of the “Sharing Economy.” There are income tax filing requirements for reporting self-employment… Read Complete Article...

  • By John E. Leighton Jan, 7th 2017

    Recognizing Traumatic Brain Injury: Not Limited to NFL Players By John Leighton These days we hear a lot about traumatic brain injuries. The coverage of the NFL concussion claims – and the league’s long-standing denials – combined with the acclaimed film “Concussion”, has brought brain injury into everyone’s consciousness (pun intended). But brain injuries don’t just happen to NFL players.… Read Complete Article...

Dwight L. Hill

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Dwight L. Hill:

1111 Brickell Ave.30th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: 305.812.7245
 Dwight Hill is Market President of IBERIABANK in the Florida Keys. Dwight has over 35 years of financial advisory experience and will continue to strategically position the bank for future Florida growth while maintaining connection with the historical business of the bank…
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