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  • By John E. Leighton Jan, 7th 2017

    Recognizing Traumatic Brain Injury: Not Limited to NFL Players By John Leighton These days we hear a lot about traumatic brain injuries. The coverage of the NFL concussion claims – and the league’s long-standing denials – combined with the acclaimed film “Concussion”, has brought brain injury into everyone’s consciousness (pun intended). But brain injuries don’t just happen to NFL players.… Read Complete Article...

  • By Gina M. Polo Mar, 7rd 2018

    If your business is considering bringing a foreign professional worker to the United States, advance planning and continual monitoring is crucial. Today’s government policies are increasingly restrictive, and business owners need to understand both the laws themselves and how different agencies will interpret them. The H-1B visa allows U.S. companies to hire skilled foreign workers for specialized occupations. Applications must… Read Complete Article...

Debra Vasilopoulos

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Debra Vasilopoulos:

180 Royal Palm Way
Palm Beach, FL 33480
Phone: 561.514.4900
Ms. Debra Vasilopoulos is the Market President of IBERIABANK. She is responsible for directing the Private Client and Commercial Banking segments within the South Florida region. A recognized leader with over 30 years of experience in private wealth management; Vasilopoulos…
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