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  • By John E. Leighton Jan, 7th 2017

    Recognizing Traumatic Brain Injury: Not Limited to NFL Players By John Leighton These days we hear a lot about traumatic brain injuries. The coverage of the NFL concussion claims – and the league’s long-standing denials – combined with the acclaimed film “Concussion”, has brought brain injury into everyone’s consciousness (pun intended). But brain injuries don’t just happen to NFL players.… Read Complete Article...

  • By Orlando Roche Jun, 7th 2017

    [ WEALTH MANAGEMENT ] Managing Wealth In Times of Uncertainty A number of surprising political events have occurred in the past few months both in the U.S. and around the world. We are living in unprecedented times and uncertainty has been the norm rather than the exception. In the past decade, the U.S. economy has seen a series of booms… Read Complete Article...

Adam J. Lamb

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Adam J. Lamb:

Hall, Lamb and Hall, P.A.
2665 S. Bayshore Dr. PH 1
Miami, FL 33133
Phone: 305.374.5030
Adam J. Lamb is a partner at Hall, Lamb and Hall whose practice is focused on commercial litigation including shareholder and partnership disputes, intellectual property litigation, legal malpractice, and real estate litigation. Lamb has been recognized by a number of…
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