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  • By Higer Jan, 10th 2016

    Insurance touches all of us every day, usually without us even giving it a second thought. A gecko educates us about the ease of obtaining it, and “Flo” has become the most popular spokesperson on the airwaves. Yet, notwithstanding the ubiquitous presence of insurance in almost every aspect of nearly every transaction, most of us do not identify — let… Read Complete Article...

  • By Stanley I. Foodman Jan, 12th 2016

    If two forensic accountants representing opposing parties in litigation work from the same documents and the same numbers, why are there sometimes materially different economic conclusions? That’s because not everyone uses the Forensic Accounting Universal Tool Kit. In my experience, the roots of forensic accounting are found in:internal auditing the legal standards of “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” and “Clear… Read Complete Article...

Dwight L. Hill

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Dwight L. Hill:

Sabadell United Bank, N.A.
1111 Brickell Ave. 30th Floor
Miami, FL 33131
Phone: 305.482.3474
 Dwight Hill is the President of Sabadell United Bank. Dwight has over 35 years of financial advisory experience and will continue to strategically position the bank for future Florida growth while maintaining connection with the historical business of the bank…
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