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  • By Annette C. Escobar May, 7th 2018

    A multi-billion dollar asset recovery effort, spanning more than 130 countries, has been in process for years to recover funds for the victims, with actions in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and several Latin American and Caribbean countries. It is an excellent example of how advances in laws, search tools and international teamwork now support the process of… Read Complete Article...

  • By Dori Foster-Morales Jun, 7st 2018

    Like other professionals, attorneys face stressful situations almost every day. It might be walking into a courtroom for a trial, negotiating with the other side’s counsel, dealing with client concerns or internal office issues. Of course, that doesn’t include the pressures from family members, friends and colleagues outside the legal world. But rather than address these personal and professional pressures,… Read Complete Article...

Idalberto De Armas

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Idalberto De Armas:

2109 Ponce de Leon Blvd
Phone: 305.376.2461
Idalberto “Bert” de Armas is Senior Vice President, Private Banking at IBERIABANK. He serves as both a trusted advisor to professionals and a business development officer focusing on professional, commercial and real estate opportunities. He has been serving the Miami-Dade community…
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